It's All About Authenticity

We love our community of exclusive artists. Get to know them here.

Kim Hovell

We stumbled upon Kim showing her work at the Annapolis Summer Festival and was instantly enamoured with her oyster paintings. Kim is a free spirit with extreme talent, but her humility and authentic kindness make you forget you are in the presence someone so gifted. Kim’s paintings are graceful and fluid, they poetically combine dozens of colors to create soft neutrals that coordinate in any room.

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Liz Lind

Maine Cottage® furniture and Liz Lind artwork go together like milk and cookies! We commissioned Liz to create unique works of art using our exact palette for perfect color harmony. Liz’s vividly colorful and sometimes whimsical artistry is an expression of her childhood summer memories and joyful experiences growing up along Maryland and Delaware beaches. Though classically trained, Liz defines her style as expressionistic, in that she is much more interested in what each individual feels upon seeing one of her paintings than in creating a perfect representation of its subject matter.

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Beth Munro

My paintings whether composed of still life, landscape, or abstract forms, focus on pattern, color and texture. I am inspired by everything from the impressionistic works of Cezanne, to the gestural abstract paintings of deKooning, to historical quilts made by the women of Gees Bend. Ethnic ceremonial costumes, 19th and 20th century stencils and even my daughters' illustrations continue to inspire me. I grew up in an artistic family, in which my father, a designer and painter, played a significant role in my artistic development. Matisse, Cezanne, Vuillard, Thiebaud and Janet Fish have all been dominant sources of inspiration, and as my work has become more abstract, I have been significantly influenced by Diebenkorn, Rothko and Klee.

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Britt Bass Turner

I grew up just outside Atlanta where I fell in love with color and design at a young age by way of my interior designer mother. I am so fortunate to have had such a creative influence: all of the constant exposure to color and texture helped me fall in love with 'creating' early on. However, I did not discover abstract painting for myself until late in my schooling. With only a year and half left til graduation I honed in on abstraction- reducing my expectations when approaching the canvas to color and movement and layers. I studied under several inspiring abstract artists, including Erin McIntosh and Chris Hocking. I graduated from the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia in May of 2011 with a degree in Art Education with an emphasis on painting. I have been exploring color and design within my paintings since then, making paintings and installations full time.

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Brynn Casey

I am an artist currently based out of Atlanta, GA. My love for all things creative began early on in my life, as I ALWAYS knew I wanted to be an art-maker. I began getting serious about my practice in late high school, and recently received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in drawing at the University of Georgia. My recent work is an exploration of ocean water landscapes. Using gestural mark making and movement in my work offers a fresh and innovative way for me to make art, always keeping me on my toes. The recent introduction of color to these works has opened endless doors for the subject to grow and challenge me. The subject of water is an ambiguous subject with symbolic meaning that can be interpreted differently by everyone.

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Jess Franks

The artwork of Jess Franks is an exploration into things seen and unseen. Painting has freed her to create worlds much like our own, but in colors and abstractions that make them just a bit different. So many of the places she read about growing up ...Narnia, Middle Earth, etc... had just that: much of the familiar, but also much of the fantastic. In this artistic journey, her paint brushes have become her typewriter. She hopes her work encourages viewers to remember that the here and now is not all there is. And she hopes it transports people upward. That when they've been sucked into their groundedness, their earthliness, they can look at a piece and be reminded of transcendence.

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