Sanibel Counter Stool

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Proof that form follows function. Simple, stylish and oh-so-sturdy. Our Sanibel Counter Stool has a most generous seat to accommodate even the most liberal of backsides (and we mean that in the nicest of ways).


Made-to-Order: Average production time is 6-8 weeks. Average shipping time is 1-2 weeks. Production and shipping lead times may vary throughout the year. Please contact us to obtain the most up to date information: 866.366.3505.

Dimensions & Style

  • Overall: 15.5"W x 15.5"D x 24"H

  • Sanibel is a simply painted stool. No fuss, no muss and it fits snug under a counter where space is a premium.
  • This colorful counter stool is backless and therefore takes up less space than traditional counter stool.
  • Sturdy joint construction on the base ensures that this wooden stool will last for generations.


  • Furniture designs and building methods are both based on classic Shaker furniture styles and techniques.
  • Each piece of painted furniture is bench built to order by an experienced woodworker in America.
  • Constructed of solid maple, a wood chosen for its durability and sustainability.
  • Mortise and tenon joinery used on chair bases.
  • Seat dips are hand sanded and contoured into the chair seat for maximum comfort.
  • Traditional cottage furniture building techniques ensure that furniture stays true for generations.
  • After a thorough quality inspection, Maine Cottage painted furniture receives a leather branded logo of approval and authenticity.


  • Maine Cottage signature paint finishes deliver superior durability, extraordinary depth, and vibrancy of color.
  • We use the highest quality primer, lacquer, and clear top coats available while still being friendly to the environment. Paints are all California compliant and low VOC as compared to other industry pre-catalyzed lacquers.
  • Labor intensive hand sanding with fine grit aluminum oxide paper between sprayed coats of paint creates an incredibly smooth surface.
  • Each piece completely painted.
  • Over time, the Maine Cottage paint finish ages gracefully, developing a patina of surface scratches that adds to the charm of our furniture's cottage style.