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FA-BRCS-014-DBL-WH $419.00
Frame : Double Mat + White Frame
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On a quieter note, the small scale and understated color usage of this seascape makes it an ideal complement to neutral furnishings. Featuring plenty of beachy texture and a lovely view of the water, it would look most appealing in a room filled with wicker furniture and blue-green accents. Brynn Casey's landscape scenes, created exclusively for Maine Cottage, are real and understandable, but her expressive, abstract style leaves an ambiguousness to her work that allows for deeply thoughtful and evocative responses.


Print Dimensions: 24"W x 24"H

Including Frame:

Double Mat + White or Black Frame: 31.5"W x 32"H

Floating Canvas + White Frame: 25.25"W x 25.25"H

Floating Canvas + Barnwood Frame: 25.75"W x 25.75"H