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Design Consultation (1 Hour)

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Maine Cottage Design Associates are here to help whether you need design advice on furniture selections, recommendations on color coordinates, or a complete Maine Cottage design plan for your home. Our team of talented designers is well equipped to handle it all.


Collaborate with a Maine Cottage Design Associate to transform or redesign your space. Start by emailing floor plans, dimensions and/or photos of your space to Tell us about your space, budget, and your inspiration. A Design Associate will reach out to work one-on-one with you through the entire process. 

BEFORE your consultation, we ask that you take a few pictures of the space or spaces you'd like to discuss with a designer. Please be prepared to email those photos either before or during the consultation. It will also be helpful to share any challenges you're currently experiencing with the room when you fill out the form to schedule your appointment.

DURING the consultation, our designer will discuss your specific needs for the room(s) or in question. If a space plan is necessary, they'll ask that you provide them with room dimensions or current floorplans. They will also review images you provide of the room(s) in their current state and discuss anything you would like to keep and design around rather than replace. This is a great opportunity to share any additional expectations, daily activities completed within the space, and likes or dislikes you and the members of your household may have regarding any design decisions.

AFTER your consultation, our designer will prepare a space plan layout complete with furniture selections, a color scheme to fit your personal style, and design advice regarding any additional finishing touches. The designer will welcome your feedback and together you will decide how to proceed with further appointments.