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FA-MADE-006-DBL-WH $219.00
Frame : Double Mat + White Frame
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Embrace your nesting instinct with a few fancy feathered friends! These vibrantly hued flamingoes are illustrated with invigorating brushwork and bold, feminine shades of pink, coral, and rose that lend a refreshing dose of tropical escapism to your home. Maren Devine's intrinsically playful artwork blurs the line between conventional reality and abstract fantasy with provoking color, intuitive movement and gestural mark making that artfully depicts the whimsical nature of life.


Print Dimensions: 12"W x 15"H

Including Frame:

Double Mat + White or Black Frame: 18.5"W x 22"H

Floating Canvas + White Frame: 13.25"W x 16.25"H

Floating Canvas + Barnwood Frame: 13.75"W x 16.75"H