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Single Fin Smooth

FA-SMAL-003 $459.00
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Getting there is half the fun! And arriving at your beach destination in an iconic VW bug complete with a roof rack full of your favorite boards is even better. Featuring broad, textural strokes that create a distinct painterly effect, you'll be hooked on the way this high quality print makes you feel like you're riding a wave of color. This limited edition giclee is accompanied with an artist signed certificate of authenticity. Printed on archival paper and framed.

Borne of free-spirited spontaneity and a true wanderlust lifestyle, Sam Malpass is inspired by all that she sees, feels and experiences as she travels the world. Her love of perpetual exploration has led to a body of work that is widely varying, boldly layered, and eclectic in nature. With expressive, impressionistic brush strokes and a fervor for coastal living, we've deliberately curated a small collection of her work that will add texture and nuanced color to your home.

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