Why Our Painted Furniture Is So Special


Quality Drives Us. Color Inspires Us.


Our Iconic Designs

Our furniture designs are influenced by the simplicity and practicality of Early American  Shaker Furniture Designs and an uplifting color sensibility found in Scandinavian Furniture Design and Decor. The goal of our designs is to evoke happiness in a home. 


Our perpetual pursuit of creating happy homes traces back to the brand’s roots. When Maine Cottage was founded in the 1980s, Carol Bass envisioned filling summer vacation homes in Maine with colorful furniture to create uplifting spaces where multiple generations of families would gather, laugh, and love summer after summer. The furniture mimicked the energy and laughter that was created. Maine Cottage became the go-to furniture company in coastal Maine towns like Bar Harbor, Boothbay, and Harpswell. We’ve grown and changed our business over the course of four decades, but the brand’s purpose remains the same—to build furniture that lifts the spirits.

Hand-carved details and signature colors are just a few of the traits that give an identifiable look to each Maine Cottage piece of furniture. After a thorough quality inspection, our painted furniture receives a leather brand of approval and authenticity. We’re certain you will appreciate and enjoy your Maine Cottage furniture for years to come.


Our Enduring Craftsmanship

Our painted furniture is the best in class. Our builders hand pick and coddle each piece of wood that makes it into a Maine Cottage piece of furniture. Every chair, every bed, every dresser—each is built one at a time, start to finish at a single workbench by a single craftsman who has complete ownership and pride in the finished result. Every square inch of the furniture is hand sanded to a smooth finish.  The hand-built quality is particularly apparent on the gently rounded edges. 


Our time-tested building techniques are intended to ensure our furniture stays true for generations—techniques like dovetail joints, corner blocking, and solid leg construction. One of our builders said you would not likely see our furniture at a garage sale, but if you do, buy it!


The lumber we use—maple, cherry, and oak—is chosen because of its durability and sustainability. We source from well-managed forests in the Northeastern United States where land is continually replenished with trees for harvest. We are conscientious about partnering only with companies who share in our commitment to ecological balance and organic sustainability. We like to say that all of our furniture is green...even when it’s painted blue.


Sometimes, the things that you don't see hold value. Take, for instance, our smooth glide under mount runners. Our drawers feature soft close slides with whisper-quiet closure and no visible hardware. We have higher standards than most furniture manufacturers when it comes to drawers. You won’t find a staple, feel a wabble, or have a problem with our drawers falling out. The beauty of the construction, smoothness of the glide, and last-second suctioned self-close avoid loud slams and annoying jiggles. We have tried to create an experience similar to the door closing on a luxury car. You know it feels solid and strong, but you don’t exactly know why.


Our Smooth Paint Finish

Our smooth paint finish is truly our “secret ingredient”. Our signature finishes have intense durability, richness, and vibrancy like no other. Just run your hand along the top of one of our tables, and you can feel it.  Customers say it feels like butter. We are constantly asked how we achieve such a smooth finish. A lot of the magic can be found in the high-quality primer, lacquer, and clear top coats we use. But, truth be told, the real secret is found somewhere in our 30 years of perfecting the art of sanding and spraying.


The sanding between coats is labor intensive. We use infinitely fine grit, aluminum oxide paper which is arguably the most critical step in our finishing process. We leave enough shine to allow for easy maintenance but not so much that it becomes highly reflective and susceptible to fingerprinting. Our paint finish also knows how to age gracefully. Over the years, it will develop a patina of surface scratches that add to the charm of our furniture’s cottage style.


Maine Cottage paint samples show true-to-life color representation of our finish tipped onto a durable paper card. Samples are generously sized so you can fully experience the hue, tone, the richness of each color to determine if it speaks to you and harmonizes with the other colors in your space. You can order a la carte or purchase an entire set of our 35 colors. If you would like help choosing a paint color, we encourage you to call our toll free number 866.366.3505 to speak to one of our talented designers.