Quality Handcrafted Furniture Made in the USA


Our painted furniture is built domestically and painted with the care and quality materials that enable it to maintain its value over time. The woods we use—maple, cherry, and oak—were chosen because of their durability and sustainability. The strong materials and sturdy building techniques we employ are intended to ensure our furniture stays true for generations. The solid wood our builders use comes from well-managed forests that continually replenish trees for harvest.

Our furniture designs are based on tradition. Hand-carved details and signature colors are just a few of the traits that give an identifiable look to each Maine Cottage® piece of furniture. After a thorough quality inspection, our painted furniture receives a leather brand of approval and authenticity. We're certain you will appreciate and enjoy your Maine Cottage® furniture for years to come.

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The paints we use are mixed exclusively for Maine Cottage® and have a volatile organic compound (VOC) content that is significantly lower than conventional solvent-based paints. Our paint brings out the richness and vibrancy in all of our colors while providing an intense durability. Our process involves thorough sanding between coats. It's the labor intensive sanding with fine grit, aluminum oxide abrasive paper that is arguably the most important step in our finishing process. It leaves the finish feeling satin smooth. Over time our paint finish ages gracefully, developing a patina of surface scratches that add to the charm of our furniture's cottage style. 


Close to home and close to Mother Nature. Maine Cottage® fabrics are made from natural materials. We create lasting fabrics that feel good to touch. Fibers are harvested from fields and made into textiles by family-owned mills throughout the United States and Europe. Textiles made of natural materials make for soft, durable and dependable upholstery fabrics. After all, Mother knows best.


In the furniture industry few manufacturers can claim they build furniture that is eight-way-tied. We're proud to be one of them. We use tempered steel double cone coil springs supported by polypropylene sheeting and steel bands for extra durability. These coils are eight-way-hand-tied with the finest twine available and the coils are clinched to prevent shifting. For comfort a heavy covering is then used over the spring base in addition to our special insulator pad and soft batting. Padded arms use foam and a high grade batting to ensure lasting comfort and proper overall shape. All this talk comes to a very comfortable seat that is going to last a very long time.


Just like our painted furniture, all of our upholstered pieces are made right here in America. We work with family owned companies located in the foothills of North Carolina's Appalachian mountains, where men and women have been crafting exceptional furniture for generations. Each piece is built-to-order by highly skilled craftspeople who take pride in their work and in the Maine Cottage® brand. Our frames are made of 5/4", or thicker, kiln-dried select hardwoods with joints that are double-doweled, glued and block reinforced for extra strength. When sourcing products and vendors we are conscientious about entering agreements with companies who share in our commitment to ecological balance and organic sustainability.

NATURAL FIBERS The Luxury of Linen

Maine Cottage® linens offer a unique blend of comfort, practicality and elegance that just gets better with time. Our linens are made by mills in small European towns that have perfected the art over multiple centuries through several generations. Our linen fabrics are all unique with variable thread widths that create an organic texture. We choose linens to coordinate with our signature paint colors and printed fabrics.

The Comfort of Cotton.

Cotton truly is the Fabric of our Lives®. We are proud to use domestically grown and milled cotton in our fabric offerings. We have personally followed the trail of cotton grown by a young farmer in Lubbock, TX to third generation textile mills and printers in North Carolina. Our cotton fabrics are colored and printed with dyes that coordinate exclusively with our prints. Maine Cottage® cotton is all-natural, breathable, soft to the touch and best of all...American.