The Craftsmanship Of Our Upholstered Furniture

What's on the inside counts

American Made with "8-Way" Hand Tied Quality


Comfort Then Color

Let’s be honest, Maine Cottage has a knack for color and pattern that get people’s attention. It’s probably why you stopped in to check us out. But, when you actually sink into a Maine Cottage chair or sofa, that’s when the real magic happens, and you fall completely in love with our furniture. 


Just like our painted furniture, all of our upholstered pieces are made right here in America. We work with family-owned companies located in the foothills of North Carolina’s Appalachian mountains, where men and women have been crafting exceptional furniture for generations. They know the importance of back pitch, seat depth, chair height, cushion fill, and how the slightest variation in any of those ingredients can make or break overall comfort. They are the experts in shape, and we rely on them to make our furniture feel like a cloud.


Our Frame Story

In the furniture industry, few manufacturers can claim they build eight-way-tied furniture. We’re proud to be one of them. We build a comfortable seat that will last a long time by starting with tempered steel double-cone coil springs. The springs are hand-tied together in every direction: front to back, side to side, and diagonally. The result is maximum flexibility, support, and comfort. 


We call that feeling when you sink into a comfortable chair the “Oh Yeahhhhh” feeling. The first thing you’ll feel is the cushion, so it needs to be not too soft and not too firm. Our cushions have a tailored look, medium firmness, and good recovery...a hallmark of true quality. For the utmost in luxury, we also offer a Comfort Down package upgrade that’s a blend of fiber, feathers, and down, encased in a down-proof ticking for a soft and casual feel. For more information, call and speak to one of our Interior Design Specialists.



Our Fabric Story

Our patterns play nicely with each other and with our paint colors. They were designed and selected to work together in perfect harmony. A variety of hues and tones can layer with depth, tell tonal stories, and, most importantly, evoke happiness


Classic Scandinavian fabric patterns, grand millennial patterns, and even graphic retro fabric designs from the 1960s all inspire our textile designers. We extrapolate the nostalgic feeling from those wonderful textile design movements and create something that feels new, fresh, and different. By hand drawing the patterns, our overall look is less structured and more organic.

The actual material we print on is a durable 18-ounce cotton fabric that we chose because it is both heavy and soft to the touch. The rotary printing technique we use creates the highest caliber of print fabric on the market. It allows for deeper ink penetration and longer-lasting color that is less fade-resistant than digital or hand-screened processes.


Color is the cornerstone of our brand, so it’s no surprise we spend endless hours focused on selecting the perfect pink. Textile designers, colorists, and merchant teams work together to build a robust coordinate collection that includes layers of texture, breadth of materials, and depth of hues—they all “play nice” with each other and coordinate with and without paint colors. Each season, the result is a mix-n-match offering that is easy to use and nothing short of luxurious.


Messy paws and sticky fingers have met their match! Our new InsideOut®collection of performance fabrics is durable enough to use outside, but more importantly—it’s durable enough to use inside! Our all-in-one performance fabrics are read that right...bleach-friendly! Great for use inside plus they are fade-resistant and able to withstand the elements outside. Our InsideOut® collection is created with proprietary multi-fiber constructions: solution-dyed olefin yarns and high-energy dyed polyester, all made in the USA. We use PFC-free technology, so you can rest easy knowing you have made an environmentally conscious choice.