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FA-BRBT-009-DBL-WH $529.00
Frame : Double Mat + White Frame
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Reminiscent of plots of land in the countryside, Puddleduck features swatches of blues and greens organized in distinct planes. Segments of pattern emerge that gently suggest crops of flowers and vegetables waiting to be harvested. Britt Bass Turner's intuitive sense of color and instinctive broad strokes add distinct texture and playful pattern that continues to captivate her many fans. Britt hopes you find her work airy, happy, and fun!


Print Dimensions: 32"W x 32"H

Including Frame:

Double Mat + White or Black Frame: 39.5"W x 40"H

Floating Canvas + White Frame: 33.25"W x 33.25"H

Floating Canvas + Barnwood Frame: 33.75"W x 33.75"H