Organization Can Be Fun, Healthy & Colorful!

Organization Can Be Fun, Healthy & Colorful!

Getting organized is a popular New Year’s resolution, but it’s also one of the most daunting, especially for those who are not natural organizers. That’s why we’re here to help you kick start an amazing new decade with everything in place so you feel cool, calm and collected.


In order to get organized, you have to start by clearing the clutter and keeping it at bay. There’s no shortage of places to find tips, from friends and family, to people who dedicate their lives to the topic, creating best selling books, articles, videos, and TV shows. The important thing is that you make a commitment to de-clutter.

“Get your clutter under control, and your attitude and health just may improve, too.” WebMD


Once you’ve cleared the initial clutter, it’s important to create a system to ensure things stay manageable and you don’t fall back into your unorganized ways.

Dedicate specific places to capture the clutter and create spaces where you can organize it and make it look pretty. For example, when you receive your mail, try to make the decision right away whether to keep it or recycle it.

IMAGE ABOVE FEATURES: Big Braided Wool Basket - Two Tone.


Getting organized is so liberating. Now that you feel so much happier, make the experience even better with a new system incorporates colorful, functional designs.


Our Stow-Away Shelf is so much more than a storage cabinet! It's your bookshelf, your towel closet, your toy chest, your trophy case—it's whatever you want it to be!

Stow-Away Shelves are available in 6 sizes, 35 colors, and sure do know how to capitalize on versatility!

Stow-away Shelves

IMAGE ABOVE FEATURES: 1) Extra Large Stow-Away Shelf in Winter. 2) Braided Sunbrella Stow-Away Baskets in Ivory.

BE SUNbrella

We designed storage bins made from braiding the durable Sunbrella fabric you have come to know and love! The baskets are American made of the highest quality, and are available in a variety of colors and sizes. They work perfectly with our Stow-Away shelf and look equally great on a desk or floor.

IMAGE ABOVE FEATURES: Braided Sunbrella Stow-Away Baskets.


It’s helpful if you have a dedicated space and place to work. We make worktops with varying degrees of storage for different organizational needs. Whether you need big file cabinet style drawers or are more interested in a statement desk for hosting meetings, we have you covered!

ROOM ABOVE FEATURES: 1) Low Tide Desk in Oyster. 2) Jill Dining Chair in Really Rosie: Milk. 3) Baby Hammerhead by Liz Lind for Maine Cottage.



Storage will never go out of style! Get creative with storage solutions that go beyond the traditional and fit every room. Pieces like our Bay Double Window Seat fit nicely at the foot of a Queen bed and serve double duty with an optional cushion for sitting and extra deep drawers perfect for bedding and blankets.

With so many fabulous ways to get and stay organized, what are you waiting for?

ROOM ABOVE FEATURES: 1) Bay Double Window Seat  in Bluebell with a cushion in Really Rosie: Milk. 2) Annie Upholstered Bed in Really Rosie: Milk. 3) Bay Bedside Cabinet in Bluebell. 4) Deb Chair in Weathered Linen: Surf.

The Maine Cottage Design Crew


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