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Mix Tape: Marine (swatch card)

S-CASC-MXB $2.00

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Repeat: .688"V, .063"H

Width: 55"W (railroaded)

Fabric Content: 96% UV Polyester, 4% UV Olefin

Fabric Care & Cleaning: For Everyday Messes Spot Clean With Soap & Water For Stubborn Or Excessive Stains Spot Clean With Bleach

We recommend vacuuming regularly with an upholstery attachment. Flip, rotate and fluff removable cushions regularly to ensure even wear and increase longevity. An annual professional cleaning will keep your upholstered furniture looking its best. Maintenance requires promptly treating spots and stains and should include routine, on-going care which reduces soil build-up on a fabricÕs surface. Do not rub or brush excessively or you may cause fuzzing.