Extended Lead Times

Why is the Wait for Furniture so Long?

You may have noticed some of our lead times seem a little longer than you would expect, and they are. Lead times today are longer than we are accustomed to experiencing, and we’d like to explain how this has come to be.  

Like you, more and more people during this pandemic want to make their homes beautiful and comfortable because they are spending more time with their families. This increased demand has put stress on supply chains from raw materials and manufacturing to shipping. On top of the demand, there are the general challenges of keeping work areas sanitized and employees socially distanced and safe. Simply put, this leads to delays in production and shipping.

Rest assured, we are in communication with our partners daily. They are working to overcome these challenges by hiring more people, running second shifts, and in some cases building more production capacity. Decreasing lead times is a challenge that will take time to work through, and we request your patience as these efforts slowly start to take effect.

Thank you for being part of a community that finds comfort and happiness in colorful homes. We take pride in delivering quality products while supporting the American-made movement. Trust us when we say our furniture is worth the wait. 


Thank you for supporting our small business!

 Lauren & Sarah

Co-Presidents at Maine Cottage

 (This message was updated February 25, 2021)

If you have specific questions about shipping an order or an order already placed, please reach out to customercare@mainecottage.com.