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Flamingo Folliage

FA-KHOV-015-DBL-WH $439.00
Frame : Double Mat + White Frame
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Revered for its gorgeous hue and leggy silhouette, the flamingo stands out in a thicket of tropical foliage. Ranging in shades from pink to blue to green, it pairs perfectly with any coastal-inspired room, no matter what the palette. This tropical print is the first in a series of birds surrounded by beautiful, natural landscapes by artist Kim Hovell. This limited edition giclee is accompanied with an artist signed certificate of authenticity. Printed on archival paper and framed behind a double mat.

We stumbled upon Kim showing her work at the Annapolis Summer Festival and was instantly enamoured with her oyster paintings. Kim is a free spirit with extreme talent, but her humility and authentic kindness make you forget you are in the presence of someone so gifted. Kim's paintings are graceful and fluid, they poetically combine dozens of colors to create soft neutrals that coordinate in any room.

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