Solid Extra-Grip Rug Pad

RPAD-SW $6.00

Size : 9" x 9" Sample
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Get a grip! Not only does our super sturdy rug pad ensure safety and prevent slipping, but its extra-thick profile also enhances the rich feel of high-pile rugs underfoot, making for a purely paw-pleasing experience. Plus, the solid construction of this PVC-coated rug pad prevents spilled liquids from leaking through to the floor--perfect for homes with kids and pets!

  • Premium cushioned non-slip area rug pad for rugs on hard-surface floors.

  • Solid construction for maximum surface coverage to help protect floors.

  • Extra cushion for added padding and comfort.

  • Woven polyester scrim coated with high-grade PVC vinyl compound.

  • To clean: hand wash in a mild detergent, rinse, and air dry.

100% PVC-coated polyester |Made in the USA

Fire-retardant, moth-proof, and treated with an antimicrobial guard. Please follow the floor manufacturer's instructions when using a rug pad. It cannot be used on radiant heat floors.

CARE: Hand wash with mild detergent, rinse, and lay flat to dry.