Touch Up Paint


In need of a touch-up? If you need to touch up a piece of furniture with a current paint color, we offer touch-up paint kits. Each kit includes a small pod of paint with a touch-up brush. For bigger touch-up jobs, we have paint by the quart available.

If you're a DIY'er looking to buy our paint, we no longer sell our paint by the gallon or spray can. We recommend getting a paint card to take to your local paint store or to a refinisher so that the paint can be professionally matched and mixed according to your project.

If you need a different color than the 30 listed here, please submit a Touch-Up Paint Request form and we'll get back to you shortly.


Touching up your painted furniture is a delicate practice that requires patience, but with the following steps it can be an easy and successful process.

First, use a fine grit sandpaper to lightly buff along the area that needs to be touched up making sure to even out the edges especially if there is a significant chip in the piece. This process will prep the area so the new paint applied is as smooth as the rest of the finish.

Next, you’ll want to mix the paint well as the color pigments tend to settle over time. You may need to dilute the paint in a separate container with water until you achieve a medium consistency. If the paint is too thick, the touch-up area will be uneven with the rest of the piece. The amount of dilution varies depending on color. Use your best judgement. If the area is smaller than a coin it’s easiest to use the cap of a water bottle. 

Lightly apply thin layers of paint to the area that needs to be touched up. Let dry. Apply another layer. Repeat this process until the finish is built up. For application, we recommend a small watercolor brush on smaller spots or a sponge brush for larger areas. The sponge material will ensure a smooth paint application to get as close as you can to the sprayed finish our professional painters use.

The final product will not be a seamlessly perfect blend, but if applied correctly, the touch-up paint should conceal any chip or blemish well.


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