Have a Seat With Comfort & Style, Finding The Right Chair

Have a Seat With Comfort & Style, Finding The Right Chair

Everybody loves the idea of a comfortable home. Comfort has so many variations that we decided to start by helping you find stylish seating that is surprisingly comfy. With Maine Cottage furniture and design resources, you can rest assured that you’ll have comfortable seating that’s just right for you and everybody in the house!


Maine Cottage creates some of the most comfortable furniture you can find in America. In the upholstered furniture industry, 8-way hand tied construction is a hallmark of exceptional quality. We are proud to say we build our chairs and sofas using the same hand-tied twine and steel coils that generations of North Carolina’s best builders have been using. 


We asked our designers to explain what exactly makes a chair comfortable. As noted above, design and details can create a more comfortable chair. However, our design experts shared a surprising industry secret: scale and fit are the most critical components of comfort. Much like “find your fit” programs for jeans and clothes, there is a perfect chair for every personal size and style.

Designer Tip: It’s important how a chair fits relative to the room, but even more essential is how a person fits with the chair!


We all remember the classic children’s story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Well, we took that as inspiration and asked models of different proportions to try some of our popular upholstered occasional chairs to test their fit, comfort, support, style, etc. They tried them all and shared which were their favorites and why. Here are some tips for finding a chair that’s not too big, not too small, but just right!


Wilton Chair: Voted Best in Comfort & Fit for Petite AND Tall Persons!

Elyse’s Pick: Wilton Skirtless Chair Shown Above

Elyse is a young professional who enjoys shopping around for that perfect piece of furniture to complete her space. She loves coming home at the end of a long day, slipping off her shoes, and kicking back in her favorite chair while catching up on her favorite blogs or phoning family and friends. What she looks for most in a chair is overall style and comfort.

Wilton was Elyse’s favorite armchair. She loved the feeling of sinking into the plush down feather cushions that fit right to her body. Elyse also liked the traditional style of this chair with the modern comfort of down cushions. She declared Wilton to have a timeless style that can be accessorized to fit any space.

Steve’s Pick: Wilton Skirtless Chair Shown Above

Steve is a hardworking husband, father, and coach. He spends his weekends coaching a sport he once played himself! After a long day in the office or on the field, Steve enjoys kicking back to catch up on his favorite sports team in "dad’s chair." What he looks for in a chair is a frame that can support his athletic build and tall stature.

Steve joked that "I wouldn’t stand a chance in a chair that comfortable after a long day." He had his doubts when he first saw the size of the Wilton, but was surprised how the term ‘one size fits all' could be applied to this chair. Steve really liked the traditional look of the Wilton chair along with its comfortable stock arms. He would love to have this chair in his family room for when everyone gets together for a movie night or to host a party. 

Wilton is a crowd pleaser that’s likely to become everyone's favorite seat in the house!

Hazel Chair: Voted Best in Usability and Versatility

Lyn’s Pick: Hazel Chair Shown Above

Lyn is a charming, ever-loving sports mom whose day consists of managing a household, carpooling kids, and having family dinners on the table fit to feed a small army. At the end of a long day, Lyn loves to put her feet up and kick back with a good book in a comfortable chair with good support.

Lyn’s pick was the armless upholstered Hazel Chair that allowed her space to breathe and stretch out. She deemed it laptop friendly because it doesn’t have arms to get in the way of her elbow wiggle room. Her other favorite elements are the exposed tapered legs that give the illusion of more space and airflow in a small room, and the tight back structure with an easy curve that provides comforting but sturdy support.

Lyn declared that the only hard decision about the Hazel was deciding where to put it in her house. Hazel’s petite frame makes it extremely versatile and easy to place in any spatially challenged area. 

We think this chair’s cheery disposition suits Lyn well!


Lauren’s Pick: Margot Chair Shown Above

It’s essential to consider comfort when outfitting a room that is specifically designed for sitting! The Margot Armchair features a romantic silhouette and traditional diamond tufted back that gives it a lighthearted English appeal you can really sink into. The curvy turned-wood legs add to Margot's overall timeless and elegant charm. 

Designer Tip: A lovely accent or focal point, the Margot Chair is also available as a loveseat in dozens of Maine Cottage original fabrics.

Sarah’s Pick: Winnie Chairs Shown Above

A petite take on an English arm, the Winnie chair is effortlessly classic, chic, and comfy. The loose back cushion and seamless waterfall skirt make it formal without being stuffy, and the scale makes it perfect for a reading nook or bedroom. 

Designer Tip: Opt for a pair instead of a loveseat to define a classic living room.


Jo’s Pick: Bobbie Leather Chair Shown Above

Slide into color and comfort with this versatile chair that looks and feels amazing in soft but sturdy leather! The Bobbie Armchair fits almost any décor, from contemporary chic to coastal classic to midcentury minimalist. Its inviting barrel back creates a comfy and visually appealing curve, and the petite size packs a big personality, making it perfect for lounging or entertaining. The best part: so many gorgeous and colorful options are available to personalize your new favorite chair. Choose from our leather capsule collection, or dozens of unique Maine Cottage original fabrics.


Here are some of our designer picks for uber-comfy living room chairs that have the added benefit of movement. Check out our rockers and gliders.

Crystal’s Pick: Lucy Swivel Glider Chair Shown Above

A colorful chair that swivels and glides – what more could you ask? The answer is: two!! Pair Lucy swivel gliders together for a perfect conversation nook, and add an ottoman to create the most comfy and seat-save worthy space in the living room (or any room!).

Keely’s Pick: Lilah Glider Chair Shown Above

A versatile chair for people who like to move, Lilah offers the comfort of swivel and glide along with a tall back you can really sink into. Lilah also has a seat depth that is just right, making it perfect as a nursery swivel glider or comfortable seating in the living room.


Throw pillows are a great way to add color, comfort and style to any foundation. Maine Cottage offers a variety of sizes, colors, patterns and trims that perfectly match all of our furniture.

Designer Tip: When it comes to comfort, there’s no such thing as too many pillows!


Many of our upholstered dining chairs are perfect pairings for your home office desk. Working from home never looked so good nor felt so comfortable!

Jack Dining Chair Shown in: Clambake Marine

Tall and handsome. Sturdy and comfortable. Jack is a fabulous upholstered seat. Slightly modern in his approach, dress the Jack Dining Chair in one of our signature Maine Cottage fabrics to update a room with amazing color and inspiration. Pair him up with Jill for great chemistry. Jack's just delighted to be in the same room with her.

Jill Dining Chair Shown In: Really Rosie Milk

Jill is a gracious and enchanting dinner companion. She's ultra-feminine with great curves, adding comfort to your dining room, office or bedroom. Dress her up in your choice of signature Maine Cottage fabrics.

We hope that we’ve helped you to see comfortable furniture in a new light, and invite you to start a conversation with our design team. Our experts love to hear from you and look forward to helping you plan a new, surprisingly comfortable space.


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